This is the OpenCitations blog at https://opencitations.wordpress.com/.

The main work of OpenCitations is the creation and current expansion of the OpenCitations Corpus (OCC), an open repository of scholarly citation data made available under a Creative Commons public domain dedication, which provides in RDF accurate citation information (bibliographic references) harvested from the scholarly literature.

These are described using the SPAR Ontologies according to the OCC metadata model, and are made freely available so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse them for any purpose, without restriction under copyright or database law.

The OpenCitations web site, where these citation data are available, is at http://opencitations.net.

A prototype of the OCC was first developed in 2010 by David Shotton, Ben O’Steen and Alex Dutton at the University of Oxford, as described in this blog post.

Since 2015, with David Shotton (University of Oxford, UK) and Silvio Peroni (University of Bologna, Italy) as Co-Directors, the OpenCitations Corpus has been re-instantiated at the University of Bologna, and in May 2017 received new funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Follow us on Twitter – @opencitations.  Hash tag #OpenCitations.

Our sister blog is the Semantic Publishing Blog at https://semanticpublishing.wordpress.com/.

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